100 Things to do in a Lifetime | Thursday Thoughts

A bit random, I know.  We’ve been visiting the cat shelter lately, and he was just so adorable!  And there!  I made him relevant by adding it to my list. :)

Along with my 30 before 30, I wanted to take the time to refocus and update my bucket list… and I realize that this will be an ever-changing list, but it’s good to set them all the while being flexible.  I’m feeling pretty good about this year.  As long as I focus a one or two at a time, it can be done!

Oh. And if anyone would like to join me for any of these, pleeeeease let me know!  For one, I’d be more than happy to take on many, MANY more workout partners.

100 Things to do in a Lifetime

  1. Put together a beautiful wedding
  2. Visit Japan during cherry blossom season
  3. Pay off student loans and get out of consumer debt
  4. Shoot a wedding on another continent
  5. Second shoot a wedding for someone I admire
  6. Learn to do an oil change
  7. Learn to change a flat tire
  8. Do a photog mission trip: (Egypt, Haiti)
  9. Haiti relief project – Join or start one
  10. Take tango classes
  11. Bowl 100, 150, 200
  12. Learn to swing
  13. Put together an ideal 168 schedule
  14. Compile a list of fave date spots (call it 50 first dates)
  15. Get to know all the neighbors
  16. See all seven wonders of the world
  17. Do a food tour in Italy like from Eat Pray Love
  18. Go to Galapagos islands
  19. Go to Alaska cruise and see the aurora and polar bears
  20. Hit every continent (except for Antarctica)
  21. Walk with the lions in Southern Africa
  22. Go to New Zealand/Australia
  23. Snowboard on the west coast
  24. Visit Paris and the countrysides of France
  25. Go on a cross country roadtrip
  26. Give away 50% of all profit to support others
  27. Read bible cover to cover in a year (1 book or 2 books a week)
  28. Study the bible with someone new
  29. Keep a prayer book
  30. Mentor someone
  31. Journal once a week for an entire year
  32. Read a new book a month or 12/yr (3 business, 3 spiritual, 6 for fun)
  33. Do Rosetta Stone for French
  34. Do Resetta Stone for Italian
  35. Brush up on Korean vocab
  36. Find language partner
  37. Learn a new GRE word a week
  38. Complete Insanity (6 days a week for two months)
  39. Complete p90x
  40. Run a 10k, half marathon
  41. Hike halfdome
  42. Hike machu picchu
  43. Learn to play tennis
  44. Perform three full pull-ups
  45. Do 60 pounds in shoulder press (for a bet with Andrew)
  46. Bike across the Golden Gate
  47. Run up Stone Mountain
  48. Don’t eat out for an entire month
  49. Go on a diet coke fast and drink water for a month
  50. Read ten books to benefit my business. (3/yr)
  51. Update and fully customize my blog
  52. Do a photoshoot for a rising actress/singer/group.
  53. Second-shoot for fun with three local photographers.
  54. Shoot a wedding for free – which would be chosen through a selection process.
  55. Organize the office computer and create an efficient workflow
  56. Hire an in-house photo editor
  57. Take a videography workshop
  58. Teach a basic photography workshop with Jacob
  59. Finish renovating the studio space. Possibly hire a designer
  60. Complete a 365 (photo a day) and blog it
  61. Do a photo series on clouds & sky
  62. Shoot a Bridal session in the snow
  63. Shoot a Bridal session in a body of water
  64. Have an open house party for the studio
  65. Pick 2-3 networking groups to be a part of
  66. Do the 50 states photography challenge
  67. Publish a photobook on women
  68. Start a women’s photography group/monthly event
  69. Dabble in travel photography and get paid to shoot 5 resorts in exotic locations
  70. Learn to play all basic chords and strumming on guitar
  71. Learn to play 5 of my fave songs on guitar (at 2.5/5)
  72. Finish the last piano piece I was playing before I quit six-seven years ago.
  73. Take speech classes or join Toastmasters
  74. Learn to throw a football
  75. Grow a herb garden and keep it alive for more than a few months.
  76. Take a cooking course
  77. Cook all the recipes in the scrapbook that my gfs made for me
  78. Learn to cook an elaborate 5 course meal
  79. Julie/Julia project with Everyday Italian.  You gotta start somewhere
  80. Create a personal cookbook with 52 favorite recipes (one a wk)
  81. Make dinner for my husband every night for an entire week.
  82. Learn to salsa
  83. Learn how to make jewelry and accessories
  84. Learn to brew own beer
  85. Learn to basic sew buttons and little things
  86. Take a beginner’s improv class
  87. Go back to Haiti to visit the kids
  88. Be an integral part of a non-profit I’m passionate about
  89. Pick three places to donate photographic services
  90. Declutter the home and keep it that way
  91. Design every room in the house
  92. Setup a nice hammock in the backyard
  93. Adopt a cat
  94. Perform at an open mic.
  95. See a broadway on broadway
  96. Learn how to shop like this crazy coupon lady! and grow an impressive stockpile like this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzbZlxTQDR0
  97. Have a wardrobe makeover that makes me excited to get dressed everyday. http://www.realsimple.com/beauty-fashion/clothing/wardrobe-basics/wardrobe-basics-checklist-00000000000952/index.html
  98. Get a bachelors, masters in taco mac’s brewniversity
  99. Skydive
  100. Plant a tree

What’s on your list?