We’re Esther & Jacob.  A husband and wife team of photographers.  We’re based in Atlanta, GA, but we’ve pretty much travelled all over the world shooting weddings, portraits, and other assignments.  Currently, we are transitioning from primarily wedding photographers to focus more on our humanitarian work. We will continue to shoot a very limited number of weddings and engagements throughout the year.

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A huge part of our studio is about giving back because we’ve been blessed with so much.  We strongly believe in giving back to the local community as well as globally.  You can learn more about our involvement with different organizations here.

I was born in Korea, but grew up in the heartland of America.  Growing up, I’ve always had a love and appreciation for the arts.  I picked up my first SLR and found my love for photography during high school inspired by a friend who later went onto film school.  Although, I had dreamt of going to art school, in order to please my parents like any asian kid would do, I decided to pursue pre-med.  After graduating from Georgia Tech with a BS in Chemistry, I worked in a research lab meanwhile shooting weddings on the weekends.  I took a leap of faith and decided to fully follow my dreams. I was in for a ride, because I had to learn all the ins and outs of running a business, but with the help of my mentor, Scott Robert, friends, and family – who in the end loved me for who I was – I was able to transition into photography full time.  Esther JuLee Photography was founded in 2007, and today we are a husband and wife team who are blessed to work full-time shooting destination weddings, engagements, and travel photography all over the world.  When I’m not busy taking photos and running my business day to day, I enjoy traveling the world, learning foreign languages, reading, & being a mother to my two tabby cats.



I was born and raised in the Atlanta, so that makes me a southern boy.   I grew up playing piano, and later picked up the guitar and began dabbling in photography and design.  After graduating from Georgia Tech with a degree in management, I began working at Better World Books learning a lot about the business as well as doing a lot of media and design.  Photography was a hobby of mine at the time and I would shoot whenever I was given the opportunity.  I began shooting weddings when I met Esther and slowly worked my way up from assistant – carrying all the bags – to now shooting alongside her.  In Feb 2011, in order to see the studio grow, I quit my job at Better World Books.  My role beyond photographing, is business development for the studio.  When I’m not running the business day to day, I play in an acoustic band called the Fu and make quirky youtube videos.